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Leadership & change management coach for individuals and corporates

I give managers and executives the knowledge to inspire positive change, the tools to become greater leaders, and the confidence to transform their personal and professional lives for the better.

Tania Jenkinson

What is coaching?

"A Socratic based dialogue between a coach and a participant where the majority of interventions used by the facilitator are open questions that are aimed at stimulating the self-awareness and personal responsibility of the participant."

Passmore, J. and Fillery-Travis, A, 2011. A critical review of executive coaching research: a decade of progress and what's to come.

Why do you need a coach?

Everybody, at some point in their journey, needs a gentle push towards greatness.

I firmly believe that none of us have the privilege of comfort anymore. The world is transforming; it's in a more changeable and volatile state than ever. So how do we lead through these times? We find the tools and frameworks to tackle what's thrown at us with confidence, compassion, and a commitment to positive, sustainable change.

Your Comfort Zone and where the magic happens

How can I Help you?

"Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

Whitmore, J, 2017. Coaching for Performance.

I know you're capable of reaching your own conclusions. Ultimately, all the answers lie within you.

As your coach, it's my job to help you articulate your challenges and work out what you really want, both in work and in life. My role is to draw these realisations out of you - and, of course, make sense of them so you can move forward on your path with clarity of mind and restored confidence in your goals.

I help individuals reach their fullest potential.

Whether you're navigating change, dealing with unforeseen issues, or simply want to improve your professional performance and develop your skillset further, I can help you find a practical and fulfilling way forward. I take a client-led approach, which means all my programmes are completely tailored to your requirements and objectives.

I help businesses develop tomorrow's leaders, today.

I work extensively with companies who are keen to invest in the development of their highest performers. Results will not be measured in pounds and pence, but the renewed confidence your team members have in their abilities, not to mention their enhanced productivity and enduring leadership qualities.

A little more about me

Throughout my career as a highly motivated and growth-oriented Retail Director in the healthcare industry, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in leading successful teams. I'm a motivational leader and influential adviser with the capacity to inspire my clients and deliver comprehensive training to achieve even the most ambitious objectives in any competitive marketplace.

My greatest skill has always been identifying talent within my teams and then enabling progression by championing a high challenge/high support approach. Now, I now help similarly driven individuals and businesses strive for more using tried-and-tested frameworks and principles that guarantee exceptional outcomes.

Alongside successful completion of my Master of Business Administration degree with Aston University, I hold a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching from Henley Business School. I am also an accredited coach with EMCC Global at Senior Practitioner level and a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

EMCC Global EIA Accreditation Senior Practitioner
Tania Jenkinson

Recent Testimonial

It's my great pleasure to recommend Tania Jenkinson. I’ve been extremely impressed with Tania’s skills as a Coach. Her commitment, enthusiasm, dedication, positive energy, attentiveness with great listening skills are second to none.

Tania makes you to think differently by asking value added questions. Tania is very special for her ability to connect with clients without rushing into conclusions and gives highest respect to everyone and this is very special. I truly think Tania is a great coach and her unique ability to listen to others makes her differentiate from others.

S.W. London

Why work with me?

I am predominantly a career coach. However, I will find it impossible to steer your corporate development without delving deeper into what's happening in your personal life. That's why I always say I coach the whole person, not just the professional.

Be warned: My approach is not for the faint-hearted. I will challenge you so you hold yourself accountable to your progress. But sometimes you need to get a little uncomfortable before real change can begin.

There are three stages to my coaching programmes:

Identifying your obstacles

We'll start by discussing the issues that are holding you back, and the daily difficulties you're facing. After one or two sessions, we'll have a better idea of what we need to focus on throughout the course.

Exploring your values

Your value system will drive your choices, so we'll need to establish what matters to you, and how these ideals and beliefs apply to your current situation. The results might surprise you!

Finding actionable solutions

Once we've established where you are, we'll focus on where you're going. I will help you plan for positive outcomes by setting measurable goals and achievable deadlines for your development.

What Drives me?

I want to make a difference, and my executive coaching services enable me to do just that. But though I'm passionate about leading and empowering teams, there are three 'Ps' that drive everything I do: People, Profit, Planet.


I strive to treat my clients with the respect and courtesy they deserve. All conversations are confidential, I am guided by the Global Code of Ethics, as set out by the EMCC. I am also dedicated to ensuring my work supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in my clients' workplaces wherever possible.


In the same way that every individual owes it to themselves to be successful, every business has an ethical responsibility to be profitable. I can put tools, techniques and frameworks in place that will improve your individual performance and efficiency.


I am always seeking to minimise my impact on the environment. Various corporate social responsibility initiatives are built in to the way I do business, and the need to act responsibly and live sustainably is ingrained in my thinking. Work with me, and we can find ways to protect our planet together.

My Services

Chemistry session

Before we start a full programme, I'll always sit down with you and/or your stakeholders to determine whether my coaching style will suit you. This also provides you with the chance to ask me any burning questions about my experience or my approach.

Individual Coaching Programme

Each programme is unique depending on the individual or corporate and will be decided during the initial chemistry session. Each session can last anything between 1-2 hours. We'll see what works for you or your team. Upon completion of your initial contract, we'll evaluate the value and see if further support is needed. I can also schedule in shorter follow-up sessions every six or twelve months.

Book your free Chemistry Call

I'd love to work with you - but let's see if I'm the right fit for you first.

Contact me today to book a free 15-minute chemistry session, during which we'll discuss your goals and aspirations and I'll get a feel for what you're looking for from my executive coaching services.